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LinkedIn recently released a list of the top soft and hard skills companies need. - 123RF

Thanks to ever-evolving technology and a constantly changing job market, the skills needed for success today may not be the same as those needed yesterday. Knowing what employers are looking for when making hiring decisions is a great way to get ahead of the curve.

LinkedIn recently released a list of the top soft and hard skills companies need most in 2019. One great way to learn many of these critical skills and more is through international work experience.

International Experience Canada is a valuable resource for getting work permits abroad more quickly and easily. It’s a Government of Canada program that allows youth ages 18 to 35 to work and travel abroad for up to two years in more than 30 partner countries and territories.

Whether you’re on the hunt for your next career move or are hoping to advise your recently graduated child, here are some of the top skills to keep in mind.

Adaptability: The world and business are constantly in flux, so being flexible enough to tackle the next curve ball or identify and seize a future opportunity is becoming increasingly important.

Collaboration: With projects getting more complex, teams becoming more diverse, and specialized tech like AI taking on a growing role, being able to work well with others can help you stand out and succeed in the new digital environment.

People management: As people move from job to job more quickly, managers need strong people skills to keep employees happy. Things like knowing how to mentor and empower people are more important than ever.

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