Using social media to find a job image

When used correctly, social networking sites are perfect for getting noticed

Social media is an extremely useful tool when searching for employment opportunities. These networking sites are crucial when it comes to marketing yourself, establishing credibility and connecting with employers and recruiters. Here are a few useful tips to help you make the most of these websites.

Strengthen your image

Your profile on the various major social media sites is a great way to strengthen your professional image. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site, so be sure to get the most out of it. Fill in each section in detail — without making mistakes — and put “currently seeking employment” as your headline and your field of expertise in the area reserved for the employer’s name.

If you use Twitter, be sure to indicate your geographical location and professional interests. Don’t forget to mention that you’re looking for work, and include a link to your LinkedIn profile as well.

To get your Facebook page working for you, fill out your profile using elements from your professional history, such as education, training, and field of expertise. As with any social media site, always remember to adjust your privacy settings to keep information such as photos, comments, and posts from damaging you in the eyes of potential employers.

Be proactive

Use social media to expand your network of contacts — you never know when an old classmate will open a door for you. In addition, join groups on LinkedIn and participate in discussions to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. Follow people and institutions in your professional field on Twitter, and like the Facebook pages of companies (who often post employment opportunities) and associations in your industry.

These measures will keep you up to date on the latest news and opportunities in your profession. And by making the most of social media, you’ll be increasing your chances of being noticed — for all the right reasons — by potential employers.

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