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Turning your hobby into a career can make everday feel less like work. - 123RF

Are you planning to turn your part-time hobby into your full-time job? Taking this step can be both challenging and exciting. Here are some tips to help you get your new business off the ground.

• Make a plan. It’s a good idea to begin your new venture by writing out a business plan. This will help hone your vision for the company and give you a clear idea of how to proceed.

• Build a network. Connect with potential customers and people in your industry. The internet is a useful tool for networking, and social media platforms can be used to spread the word about your business.

• Innovate. Even if everything is running smoothly, you should never stop innovating and making improvements, whether it’s to your product, your marketing strategy or your company structure.

• Persist, but also pivot. Starting a business requires drive and commitment. Persevering is important, but you also need to know when to change course. The ability to adopt a new business strategy when necessary is one of the most important qualities an entrepreneur can have.

Finally, make sure to seek out and listen to feedback. Don’t expect to get everything right from the get-go or to spot every problem yourself.

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