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A keen interest in your professional development can help make you a star employee. - 123RF

Being a first-class employee earns you praise, promotions and raises. Here are four things you can do to stand out at work.

1. Take initiative. When you take steps to contribute to the success of your company, you set yourself apart from your peers. Put forward ideas and seek out challenges. Bring solutions instead of problems to your boss and see if you can take work off his or her plate.

2. Keep learning. Take a keen interest in your professional development and look for opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills. This could be through classes, training courses, workshops or conferences. Also, be eager to learn from your co-workers, especially those with more experience than you.

3. Seek feedback. Take criticism about your work gracefully and pro-actively seek out feedback on your performance. Constructive criticism can enhance your performance by showing you where you have room to improve.

4. Build relationships. Having good relationships with your co-workers facilitates collaboration, creates networking opportunities and helps you feel more happy and secure in your job. Remember that professionalism is important too. Treat all your co-workers with courtesy, respect and kindness.

Finally, always make sure to do your best work. By adding value to the company, you’ll make yourself invaluable.

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