Three signs that you aced the interview image

Waiting to hear back from an interview can be a difficult process. - 123RF

Following a job interview, it’s natural to reflect on how it went. Although you can never know for sure whether you’ve landed or been shortlisted for the job, here are three signs that indicate things went well.

1. The interview ran long. If the interview went over the scheduled running time, it’s usually a positive sign. Extending the interview means that the employer wanted to learn more about you and didn’t mind sacrificing his or her time to do so.

2. They tried to sell you on the job. Interviewers will almost always tell you what the job entails. However, if they list the perks of the position and highlight how it would be a good fit for you, you can assume that you stood out.

3. You were introduced to staff members. If the interviewer took the time to show you around the office and introduced you to some of the staff, it may be a sign that they want you to join the team. It’s true that tours are sometimes routine, but you can usually get a feel for whether it seems like a formality or a meet and greet.

It can be useful, as well as instructive, to assess how an interview went. However, try to avoid the impulse to over-analyze the experience as this will likely cause needless stress. After all, the matter is now out of your hands.

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