Seven mistakes to avoid during a job interview image

Always be prepared for a job interview.

You’ve been asked to go for a job interview and you’re thrilled about it. To ensure that everything goes well, try to avoid making the following common mistakes.

1. Arriving late. Being late for an interview demonstrates a lack of respect, professionalism and organization.

2. Being careless about your appearance. It’s better to be overdressed than too casual. However, be sure to wear an outfit you feel comfortable in. Extravagant jewelry and overpowering perfumes should be avoided.

3. Being unprepared. You must be able to recall your entire working career and be prepared to answer trick questions. Find out about the company and study the job description so you can clearly explain why this particular post interests you.

4. Not asking questions. Not having any questions prepared shows a lack of interest in the job and the company. However, don’t ask about wages and vacations at the outset.

5. Being arrogant. You need to be confident and promote yourself without sounding arrogant. Don’t exaggerate or tell lies under any circumstances.

6. Talking too much or too little. Don’t go on and on about all your experiences and don’t tell your life story to your potential employer. Conversely, answers that are too short give the impression that you’re not really interested in the job.

7. Appearing too stressed. Speak in a firm voice, control any nervous tics and avoid fidgeting. Be mindful of your body language. Smile, make eye contact with the interviewer, don’t cross your arms and don’t fiddle with anything.

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