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Now is the time when many students are finishing up post-secondary school.

But this exciting time can also be stressful for soon-to-be-graduates and parents alike, wondering what comes next to ensure a successful career.

If your son or daughter is graduating soon and you’re hoping to give them solid advice, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Go on info interviews. Informational interviews are a great way to get experience speaking with leaders and professionals in a field in a low-pressure setting. A great idea is to research the top people at <QL>companies of interest and reach out via email requesting an info interview over coffee. You’d be surprised at how many will respond positively.
  • Don’t limit yourself to local jobs. You have access to incredible opportunities abroad and travelling is a great way to learn skills that boost employability, like new languages and perspectives. A working holiday or international internship can further the opportunities for professional and personal development. Check out International Experience Canada, a Government of Canada program that makes it faster and easier for youth 18 to 35 to obtain work permits at more than 30 partner countries and territories.
  • Find a mentor. Whether found through info interviews, networking at industry events or some other way, a mentor is a great resource for understanding more about the realities of an industry, learning about exciting new opportunities and offering insightful advice.
  • Seek pro hiring advice. Many colleges and universities have extensive career departments that offer tools, resources, workshops and career counselling up to two years after graduation. These free resources are worth taking advantage of, offering help on everything from interview prep to resume writing.

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