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If finding a job is sometimes difficult, finding the perfect one can be even harder. Do some jobs seem interesting to you, but you hesitate to apply for them because you’re not sure that they’re exactly right for you?

To make an informed choice, you first have to know yourself and your strengths. Can you work independently? Are you persuasive? Do you have lots of initiative and are efficient? Draw up a list of your interests — do you like writing or working with numbers? Training or management? Creativity or sports? Office work or outdoor work?

Take into account other factors apart from your skills and experience to see if a job is the right one for you. For example, are you willing to relocate if necessary? Do you only want to work days? What salary would allow you to support yourself? Keep in mind that you may have to adjust or relax certain criteria. In other words, be willing to compromise.

You lack a bit of experience for the job that interests you? Try your luck anyway; the motivation you demonstrate in your cover letter may compensate. However, if you’re really not qualified for the job, don’t waste your time or the prospective employer’s.

Lastly, don’t give up too quickly. Job postings rarely contain enough information for you to know for sure if the job is right for you or not. Don’t hesitate to submit your application even if you’re not totally convinced by the job description. You may be pleasantly surprised during the interview.

New Postings


Municipality of Barrington

Barrington Passage, NS

Licenced Practical Nurse (LPN)

Annapolis County Municipal Housing Corp.

Bridgetown, NS

Branch Manager II


Berwick, NS

Administrator / Executive Director

Queens Manor

Liverpool, NS