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It’s important to define your brand as an employer and promote it strategically.

Are you short on staff and having trouble attracting good candidates? To find the best, you must use a combination of strategies. Here are three:

1. Consult your employees. Remember that you can start recruitment within your own company. Don’t hesitate to ask your employees: one of them might know someone who would be perfect for the position you’re trying to fill. Ask them why they enjoy working for your company and, if their position is similar to the one you’re trying to fill, ask them what motivates them at work. You’ll automatically get a few positive points about your company that you can use in job listings and during interviews.

2. Define your identity. It’s important to define your brand as an employer and promote it strategically. What are your company’s values and culture? What are its future prospects? What challenges are you facing? How is success evaluated and recognized? What makes you different from your competitors? In other words, you must give people a good idea of your working conditions in order to sell your company and capture the attention of candidates whose profiles match it well.

3. Be courteous towards all applicants. During a job interview, the candidate is not the only one being evaluated; the company gets evaluated as well. In order to recruit the best talent, you must make a good impression. Be welcoming and treat candidates as you’d treat a client. Someone who wasn’t hired but had a pleasant experience with you will be more likely to recommend your company to another job searcher.

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