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Many students struggle to land their first full time job upon graduation. - 123RF

Landing that first full time job in your field can be tough and may take longer than we’d like.

But you don’t need to sit around waiting — there are plenty of ways to boost your resume while gaining valuable life experience.

Here are some ideas:

Try a working holiday

Many of us can’t afford to take a gap year to do nothing but travel, but a working holiday is the perfect solution.

An internship or other work opportunity is a great way to travel abroad while earning money.

Thanks to International Experience Canada, a Government of Canada program for people ages 18 to 35, you can explore Australia, France or another of more than 30 partner countries while gaining valuable international work experience.

Pursue a passion

Sometimes a career can come from where we least expect it, so devoting some time and e ergy to a hobby can take you in an unexpectedly positive direction. Love photography?

Interested in graphic design? Maybe you can work on these hobbies and build a successful side-hustle or eventually turn it into a full-time job and small business.

And these types of passion projects are great for doing at home or abroad, if travel is calling your name.

Learn a new skill

In today’s competitive and rapidly evolving world, it’s important to keep up and continue to acquire new skills.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to go back to school to get a new degree or certificate to stay ahead of the curve.

There are plenty of free and low-cost programs on everything from coding to languages offered through libraries, community centres and e-learning departments at major universities.

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