Four job search mistakes to avoid image

Don’t make these mistakes while searching for a job.

Are you currently searching for a job? To maximize your chances of success, avoid the following four common mistakes.

1. Wanting to meet 100% of the requirements

Don’t wait to find a job whose requirements you meet perfectly before applying; if you meet at least half of the requirements, give it a try. Make sure you emphasize the qualities and expertise you have that align with the requirements for the position. However, don’t apply for jobs at random, either: if the job offer doesn’t have anything in common with your profile, avoid wasting your time — and that of the recruiter.

2. Sending the same CV to every company

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll save time by creating only one CV and cover letter. Doing so puts you at risk of not capturing the employer’s interest. To maximize your efforts, take the time to customize your documents for each job offer. Your time will be better spent sending out three or four well-tailored applications than hundreds of the same document.

3. Being sloppy

Leaving mistakes in your cover letter or misspelling the name of the company you’re applying to are surefire ways to make a bad impression. Furthermore, if you’re sending out dozens of applications, take notes: it’ll look very bad if you don’t remember the job offer someone is calling you about.

4. Relying on job postings

Many vacant positions aren’t advertised. Often, the best way to find a job is through someone you know. Let your network know you’re searching for a job.

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