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Summer camp, campground, beach, public swimming pool, restaurant or store — where will you be working this summer? Use the following tips to find the perfect summer job.

1. Decide which type of job you want. Before starting your search, think about your interests (outdoor work, manual labour or dealing with the public?), your strengths (sociable or good physical endurance?) and your goals (do you want to acquire experience related to your field of study?). Think about how many hours a week you want to work and whether you’ll need transportation to get to work.

2. Start your search early. Start looking for a job as early as possible; begin even earlier if you want to work in another region or country. This will increase your chances of landing a job that really interests you.

3. Use a variety of search strategies. There are lots of places that can help you find employment opportunities that appeal to you. Check out job fairs, school placement services, job centres, local and regional newspapers, social media, job posting websites, store windows, bulletin boards and government programs. Make the most of your network of contacts and talk about your job search to the people you know.

4. Adapt your tools. Adapt your resume and cover letter to the job you’re applying for. Emphasize the qualities, skills and experience you possess which would be assets in this particular job.

5. Follow up and persevere. Follow up a few days after a job interview in order to reiterate your interest in the post. Above all, remember that getting a job can take time; it just requires persistence and determination.

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