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Your resume is light on professional experience?

Finding a first job involves learning and working with a few select words — autonomy, freedom, maturity, projects, money, and the future. And to get the job you want, you have to be proactive. You have to roll up your sleeves. You have to be the best candidate for the job that you desire.

Of course, if it’s your first job, you won’t have a lot of experience under your belt. Finding an employer who is willing to give you your first chance could be a challenge. You’re not entitled to your first job; you have to earn it. You have to take the initiative and be interested in all possibilities, even those that are not quite what you had in mind! Starting at the bottom of the ladder is a fact of life. You just have to see this step as a springboard. Who knows where your first job may lead you?

Sell yourself

Of course, you probably don’t have much to say in your resume at this point in your life. But think about including everything that makes you unique. Mention your education, training, volunteer or paid work, prizes, special mentions, awards and scholarships. They could make a difference. Don’t be afraid of selling yourself; you’re eager to learn!

Make yourself visible

Make visits to trade fairs, conferences, and workshops in your domain. On site, adopt a professional and self-assured attitude. Inquire about the companies that interest you. What are they looking for? Get busy linking with contacts in the field, through business networks such as LinkedIn.

Your arrival in the job market will add some more new words to your vocabulary — bosses, coworkers, effectiveness, efficiency, working conditions and salary. They’ll appear as if by magic in this brave new world!

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