Finding a job is a job in itself image

Consulting local newspapers is still a good way to find a job in your area. - 123RF

Finding a new job to match your expectations involves both time and energy on your part. This search can sometimes be a full time job in itself. Think of yourself as the manager who must establish the right conditions in order to land this new job.

Write a resume that is well-padded but concise, up to date, and flawless. Make sure that your cover letter is dynamic and reflects your strengths, skills, and ambitions. You never know what word or phrase will make the difference in your favour.

Involve your family and friends. Word of mouth sometimes has surprising results.

Consult daily and weekly newspapers. Weeklies often have the advantage of offering jobs in your area.

Check job sites on the Internet. Keep in mind that online job listings are plentiful, but so are the people applying for them.

Attend job fairs. They are few and far between, but they could expand your horizons about careers and help you make contacts.

Watch out for new businesses in your area or in an area that you would be interested in moving to.

Contact the companies you would like to work for. It only takes one of them to open the door to you.

Be active and determined in all the steps you take, while being true to yourself from beginning to end. Anything that rings hollow will eventually catch up with you.

This new job won’t just drop into your lap. You’re the architect of your own success. The important thing is to believe in yourself; brush up and be the best candidate!

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