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How to present your resume so it is the most effective can vary from person to person. 123RF

You already know that your curriculum vitae should include your education, skills and experience. But what is the best way to present this information? It depends on your circumstances; in general, you should choose the type of CV that best highlights your strengths. Here are some tips to guide you.

A chronological resumé presents your various jobs (positions held, main functions, employer, etc.) in reverse chronological order — from the most recent to the oldest. You can use this type of resumé to showcase your professional progress, but you should avoid it if you’ve changed jobs several times over a short period or if you’ve gone a few months without working.

A functional resumé groups your accomplishments and skills into different sections, starting with the ones most pertinent to the job you want. Such a layout demonstrates quickly that you have the necessary qualities, even if you don’t have much work experience or if you’ve held several unrelated jobs. If you are re-entering the labour market after a long break, this is a good format to use.

A combination resumé leads off with a functional-style resume of your skills and experience and then presents a reverse chronological list of the different positions you’ve held. This type of CV highlights both your accomplishments and your experience. It’s ideal for drawing attention to an important achievement dating back to a position held some years ago or if you are trying to access a similar position in a different sector.

Regardless of your type of resumé, focus on action verbs, use the vocabulary of your business sector and be clear and concise. Most important of all, ask someone reliable to proofread your CV before you send it out.

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