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Time spent in service can translate well to a variety of career options. - 123RF

Military service instills qualities and skills that translate exceptionally well into the civilian workforce.

Loyalty, teamwork, leadership, efficiency insights, familiarity with heavy equipment and advanced technology, organizational abilities, calmness under pressure and effective time management are just some of the things that veterans bring to the table. While some career paths may require further education or training, time spent in service can give veterans a head start on a number of career paths.

Police Officer

Parallels in structure and values between the police force and the military can put veterans at ease. In turn, police departments appreciate the experience, skills and qualities veterans provide.

High School Teacher

Veterans often feel the need to continue to give back to their communities and their country. Teaching is one surefire way to contribute meaningfully while maintaining a good work/life balance. Summers off are a nice perk.


Construction has far more to offer than just swinging a hammer, though veterans can certainly get their hands dirty if they choose. The industry also offers a number of management positions — project manager, foreman, etc. — that may be a good fit for those with teamleading abilities.


The role of engineer is one that may suit technically minded veterans who love to build things from the ground up.

Though a bachelor’s degree is required, these positions are well paid and in high demand. A wide variety of industry sectors requires engineers.

Other Options

IT, administration and business management may also be good fits for veterans.

After service, military professionals should explore options, gain any necessary training and soldier on.

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