Agriculture: a growing sector for tech jobs image

The agriculture industry is becoming increasingly reliant on science and technology.

With skilled workers in high demand, it’s a good time to pursue a career in this sector.

Here are four agriculture-related tech jobs that will need to be filled in labs and farms across the country.

Drone technologists

Also called crop scouts, aerial applicators or agricultural pilots, drone technologists help farmers implement the use of drones to monitor and manage their fields.


With dwindling water resources and increased concerns about the environmental effects of farming, hydrologists will play an important role in the coming years. These professionals work with agricultural companies and governments to protect the environment while helping farmers develop sustainable practices.

Food scientist

As the global population grows and consumers demand more wholesome food, the need for improved products increases. Food scientists can help by designing foods that can be grown with fewer resources while maintaining their nutritional value.

Precision agriculture technologist

New technologies can help farmers increase crop yields while decreasing inputs, but their implementation requires skilled workers. More and more operations, from large-scale factory farms to small and medium producers, are looking to adopt precision farming solutions.

Technology can help meet the growing demand for agriculture to produce more food with fewer resources. This means that tech jobs in the farming sector will need to be filled and those with right qualifications will undoubtedly prosper.

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