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Over your career you have developed qualities that are highly valued by employers. - 123RF

There are many reasons why you might find yourself looking for a new job in middle age — the restructuring or closure of the company you work for; moving to a new city; yearning for a new challenge. Whether you do it out of necessity or desire, your job search at 50 or older must be well planned and carefully thought out.

• You act wisely. Exploit your skills and assets. Be positive and remember that anything is possible. After all, you have a wellstocked toolbox.

• Hone your CV. Update it; don’t forget anything important, but don’t tell your life story either. An interested employer will ask the right questions.

• You are ready to sell your skills. Experience is a gold mine and you are a worthy opponent for all the young people who apply for the same job.

Above all, keep in mind that over your career you have developed qualities that are highly valued by employers, such as diligence, maturity, confidence in your abilities, a sense of responsibility and a job well done, availability to help less experienced colleagues, and team-building skills. Believe in your chances of achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Of course, retirement is just around the corner and time is running somewhat short. So this is no time to mess around; you must act now.

• Get family and friends involved

• Consult local newspapers regularly

• Read the bulletin boards

• Use social networks

• Contact companies that interest you

• Be available for any job interviews

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